For April our character education value is “hope” and that means that we believe something good can come out of something bad. Hope helps us to manage so many changes in our world. Hope can help us to have encouragement in our lives, and it can help to teach us to think positively. This month please talk with your family and friends about why hope is important to have, and how having hope has helped in your lives. You may enjoy reading the books Hope, the Optimist Bear by Chayeng Vang and Sara Mayer, I Hope You Dance! By Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers, A Child’s Book of Hope by Jean Monrad Thomas, and HOPE by LouAnn Bigge Gaeddert. Have a wonderful and hopeful April!

Dates for April 2019
5th  – Military Kids Club at 7:00 AM
11th – GEMS & Knights in Training 2:00-2:45
26th – Pink Shirt (\Stand Up to Bullying) Day


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