For the month of April our character education value is “peace” and that is proving that you care more about each other than winning an argument. When we decide to demonstrate peace by our actions, we speak kindly as we help, share, and work well with others. We will have chances daily to show that we want to get along with others. Think about ways that you can help to maintain peace whether you are playing at recess or working in a group in class. At home you may want to talk with your family about what they have done in the past to keep peace or to make peace with others. Some books you may enjoy on this topic are Franklin Says Sorry by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark, Encyclopedia Brown Keeps the Peace by Donald J. Sobel, and Peace and Bread: The Story of Jane Adams by Stephanie S. McPherson. Have a wonderful and peaceful April!

April Dates to Remember:

4/10 @7:00 Newcomers Club

4/11 @7:00 RAP Club

4/12 @9:00 3rd-5th Character Education Guest Speaker

4/13 @7:00 Military Kids Club

4/27 Bates Middle School Orientation

4/27 Pink Shirt (Stand Up to Bullying) Day

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