For October “contentment” is our character education value and that means deciding to be happy with what you have. Another way to put it is to say contentment is being satisfied with things as they are. Someone has said that the secret to being content is learning to enjoy what you have, and not worrying about what you do not have. This month is an excellent time to talk with your family and friends about what contentment means, and how contentment has been helpful to them. Some books you might enjoy reading are Princess Rosie’s Rainbows by Bette Killion, The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein, and the version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears as told by James Marshall. Have a wonderful and very contented October!

October Dates to Remember:

10/8-12 Fire Prevention Week

10/19 @7:00 Military Kids Club

10/25 @2:00 GEMS and Knights in Training


10/22—Monday – Red Day – Wear red to represent our stand against drugs.
10/23—Tuesday – Dream Big Drug Free– You may wear pajamas to go along with the idea that we are able to “Dream Big” because we will not use drugs.
10/24—Wednesday – Team Up Against Drugs – Wear your favorite sports team colors, shirts, or jerseys.
10/25—Thursday – Success and Drugs Don’t Mix, So Dress for Success – Wear your nicest clothes, and if you would like, you may wear the uniform, or clothes, for the work you would like to do as an adult.
10/26—Friday – Hooked on Books, Not Drugs – Each student will dress as a favorite book character for the school-wide Character Parade.

To observe Red Ribbon Week there will be a red banner in the cafeteria for students to sign as a pledge to be drug-free and for Kingsbury to be bully-free. Student Council members will decorate the front fence for Red Ribbon Week.

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