September – Responsibility

October – Courage

November – Honor

December – Joy

January – Knowledge

February – Respect

March – Forgiveness

April – Humility

May – Determination

 “Friendship” is our character education value for September and that means that we use our words and actions to show others that we care. One of our most precious gifts in life is friendship. We should remember that to be a true friend with someone, we will want to help, to stick up for, and to support our friends. It means so much for us to be good listeners, to share with our friends, and to be truthful. When we think about how we want to be treated by others, we can try to do the same for them with what we say and do. This is a great time to check with our family and friends to talk about what makes friends so important and so special. Some books about friendship that you may enjoy are Best Friends by Steven Kellogg, The Faithful Friend by Robert San Souci, The Friendship Tree by Kathy Caple, Miss Maggie by Cynthia Rylant, and Teammates by Peter Golenbock.

Have a great September full of friendship!

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