February Edition

Are you familiar with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate? A South Carolina student who is college- and career-ready in mathematics will demonstrate:

• Academic Success and Employability: Student demonstrates strong conceptual knowledge and strategically applies appropriate academic and technical skills and tools to model and solve problems.
• Interdependent Thinking and Collaborative Spirit: Student collaborates effectively with others and respectfully cri-tiques varied perspectives.
• Intellectual Integrity and Curiosity: Student researches by appropriately collecting, assimilating, and synthesizing da-ta and information, cites relevant sources, and verifies with evidence. Student investigates mathematical situations in or-der to develop and test conjectures.
• Logical Reasoning: Student analyzes and evaluates evidence in a comprehensive and discerning manner and forms conclusions based on evidence using logic and reason.
• Self-Reliance and Autonomy: Student demonstrates qualities of an innovative, creative and independent learner and contributor to society, including goal setting, self-monitoring and regulation, constructive interactions with others, time management, and tenacity.
• Effective Communication: Student communicates appropriately, fluently, and with precision in a variety of written and oral modes, including appropriate technologies, based on audience, task, purpose, and discipline.

Barbara J. Hale, M.Ed., NBCT
Math Coach
Kingsbury Elementary School
825 Kingsbury Road
Sumter, SC 29154