• Our students will have a safe, secure and non threatening environment where freedom to learn is paramount.
  • Our students will maximize their learning potential in an environment that recognizes the unique needs of each student.
  • Our students will reach their full academic potential by the completion of each grade level.
  • Our students will be able to academically compete in a global society.
  • Our students will broaden their knowledge base and their understanding of the world around them through participation in a challenging curriculum that integrates different areas of learning.
  • Our students will become proficient readers and writers, and they will utilize these skills, which will enable them to interact with children and adults of varied economic and/or cultural backgrounds.
  • Our students will actively engage in making decisions and accept responsibility for those decisions.
  • Our students will expand the scope of their school curriculum through the use of technology and community-based learning experiences.
  • Our students will learn in an environment that fosters positive self-esteem and develops personal responsibility


The mission of Kingsbury Elementary School, “Where Knowledge is King, “ is to provide the highest quality education to all students and to establish a sound academic and moral foundation by providing innovative, challenging learning experiences in a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment.


We at Kingsbury Elementary School share a common vision that “all children can learn.” With that in mind, our school community, with devotion and hard work, fosters a unique and positive environment “Where Knowledge is King.”