Preschool— The preschool knights have gotten off to a great start this school year. The first few days were a success with very little tears and lots of joy! We are excited to watch as our new batch of knights learn the rules and routines in the kingdom! Thanks to all of the parents for making the start of school a success. We encourage all of our new “knight” families to join the PTA. The PTA is a major supporter of our school, staff and students. We look forward to a fun month in September as we host our grandparents for Grandparent’s day!

Kindergarten— We are off to a great start in kindergarten!! The halls and classrooms are full of excitement and learning as the Fishy Friends, Outstanding Owls, Brainy Birds, Kindergators, and Froggy Friends are learning all the expectations, rules and classroom routines. It has been our pleasure getting to know your children over the past couple of weeks. We will be administering the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment over the next few weeks. We are excited to have your child in our classes. Our goal is to keep an open line of communication at all times as we work together as a team to educate our children. We appreciate your support as the Happy Dragon book Reading incentive begins this month and also our monthly homework calendar. We look forward to an awesome year!

First Grade—First grade is off to a great start!!! We look forward to working with you and your child this year. During the first weeks of school, we reviewed Knight’s RULE and our classroom routines. We also learned a lot about each other. During the month of September, we will work with numbers 1-120. We will solve addition word problems, write addition number sentences and solve for a missing addend during math. We will begin a unit on earth materials in science. The students are excited about beginning guided reading. They have been practicing reading independently. During guided reading, the students will read familiar books, practice writing strategies and complete word work activities. Mrs. Alexander (our reading interventionist) will also assist with our guided reading groups. Please make sure to check your child’s homework folder each night. Don’t forget to read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes and ask your child questions about what is read. Make sure your child is familiar with the reading story each week and please review the weekly word pattern used to spell words too!

Second Grade— Welcome Back! We are off to a great start! We began the year learning Knight’s Rule and building community in our classrooms. During the month of September, we will be working on addition and subtraction fluency in math. In reading, we will have a strong emphasis on independence as we work daily in class on independent and guided reading. Please make sure your child reads daily at home for 15-20 minutes. In social studies, we will be learning about our community and in science we will be learning about weather. We are so excited to work with each and every one of you this year! Remember teamwork makes the dream work!
Third Grade—Get Ready, Get Set, Third Graders Are On The Go! We are racing towards a successful 2019- 2020 school year. Third Graders are learning about our school wide anti-bullying policy, classroom rules, procedures, and the school Code of Conduct which will help to keep students safe and our classroom/school running smoothly. We are settling into our routines and we are making excellent progress with building classroom community

Fourth Grade– Welcome to 4th grade! We’re off to a great start. We’ve been getting to know each other and participating in community building activities. In math, we are reviewing place value and studying numbers through the millions. In science, it’s all about the weather! We will be learning about weather tools, severe weather, and how to be safe in all types of weather. Discuss the weather with your child daily. The Weather Channel is a great resource to help with weather discussions at home. The Land Bridge Theory is where we begin in social studies. This gives us insight into the first people to populate our continent. In ELA, we are working on developing daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently to grow literacy abilities. We will begin to focus on narrative stories and writing. This year our 4th grade method of communication is Classtag. Contact your child’s teacher if you need instructions on how to join Classtag.

Fifth Grade— Greetings Parents, We hope your summer was full of rest and relaxation. We look forward to working with you and your child this school year. As we begin to ramp up our subject matter please remember to ask your child on a daily basis what they learned at school. Camp Bob Cooper will be held November 18th-20th. Cost per student is $135. Cost per adult is $80. Please look for papers to come home very soon. If you should need any of your child’s teachers please don’t hesitate to call us @ 803-775-6244.

Health Room— A great big healthy WELCOME BACK! from the health room. Hope you had a great summer. Here are some health room reminders for parents: Please turn in the Health Information for the School Nurse form. This helps the nurse and staff to know how to better take care of your child’s medical needs here at Kingsbury. If your child needs a prescription medication (medication filled by a pharmacy) or over the counter medication (medication you buy off the shelf at a drug store) while at school, complete a permission for medication form. Remember the form requires the signature of the physician and the parent before medication can be given at school. If you have not turned in your child’s green emergency card, please take time to complete and return to student’s teacher. This is how we reach you for an emergency. Parents, if you have a child who has a food allergy, needs special meals or a diet modification while at school, please see the cafeteria manager or school nurse, for a form to be completed by your child’s physician. An updated form needs to be done each year.