Red Ribbon Week was observed at Kingsbury Elementary during the week of October 22-26. Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. Its purpose is to raise aware-ness of the prevalence of drug and alcohol use and start students in making good choices early in life that will go with them throughout adulthood. On Monday, students wore red to represent our stand against drugs. On Tuesday the students were encouraged to “Dream Big Drug Free” so the entire school wore pajamas! Wednesday, we teamed up against drugs and dressed as our favorite sports team. On Thursday, it was highlighted that success and drugs don’t mix, so students dressed for success with their nicest clothes. The jewel in the crown came on Friday when our annual character parade was held. On that day, each student dressed as their favorite book character and marched through the school to show that they were hooked on books, not drugs! Teachers and staff joined in the fun also. The front office staff including our administrator dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz. Mr. Jackson, our principal, was the Tin Man and Mr. Duffy, our Media Specialist was the Wizard. Clearly, Kingsbury Elementary wants all students to be addicted to reading, not drugs!

Grade Level News:

What’s Going On Around the School

Preschool – A time of being thankful is here! And in preschool, we are thankful for our students, our parents, and the many opportunities to learn in each of our classrooms. The colors of fall are everywhere. From our decorations to the changing colors of fall, it is a cornucopia for the senses. We will get to enjoy wonderful meals together and don’t forget to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal before Thanksgiving break. That’s right, Thanksgiving break! Don’t forget to watch the weather and wear the correct clothing for recess and continue to send spare clothes for any accidents that sometimes happen in preschool. Put your name on everything!

Kindergarten – Kindergarten has had an amazing first quarter of school. We have worked hard and have learned so much and this is only the beginning. We are really working hard on our reading skills so that we can be the best readers. In Math we are learning how to write numbers, represent numbers, and subitizing. On Thursday, October 25th, all of Kindergarten went to Willard Farms! We had so much fun visiting the Pumpkin Patch, riding on a hay ride, and exploring the playground. Thank you to everyone who helped participate in STEAM night, the book fair, and Red Ribbon week. Continue reading daily and having conversation with your child about what they read. Find those “popcorn” words within the text. Continue working on number recognition, writing numbers 1-20, and counting to 100.

First Grade – The students really worked hard during the month of October. We have been working on addition and subtraction during math time. The students have been learning different strategies to help add and subtract numbers to 20, solve word problems and relate addition and subtraction, too. We will begin a unit on American Government and the election process in social studies. We will also begin a unit in science on the sun and moon. During reading, the students have been learning strategies to use when they get stuck on a word. We encourage them to try unknown words by getting their mouth’s ready for the first letter (the sound it makes), checking the picture for clues, and then attempting the word. We also encourage them to reread sentence to make sure the word they said looks right and makes sense. Coming soon….A Disguise a Turkey homework project.

Second Grade – We’re gobbling up good books in 2nd grade! Students are enjoying reading daily in class as we build stamina. In science our students will be discovering the magic of magnets. In math, students are continuing to work on patterning and place value but we will begin to add two-digit numbers. Students are also working towards fluency with math facts below 20. Our social studies unit for this quarter will be on government-local, state and federal. Look for more details in the 2nd grade newsletter.

Third Grade – Welcome to November-the month of cold weather, eating turkey, and shopping! We will busy in third grade. Here’s what’s happening this month: Math: We have been working on addition and subtraction of whole numbers fluently using knowledge of place value. Please continue to work on basic math facts on a daily basis. Our focus in math will shift to multiplication and division. Reading/ELA: We are continuing to implement strategies to help students develop daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently for a lifetime of literacy independence. Our Reading and Writing Workshop Unit will focus on Informational Text and Information Writing. Social Studies: As our South Carolina studies continue, we will begin learning about Native American Cultures, the exploration, and settlement of South Carolina. Science: Matter is everywhere! We will begin our unit on The Properties and Changes of Matter.

Fourth Grade – Fall is in the air!!!!! There are fantastic things happening in 4th grade! As we begin a new quarter we are working hard and learning new skills every day. In math, we are continuing to work in 2 digit multiplication and will soon move into long multiplication and division. Parents, we need your daily support as we work through these math skills! Also, continue practicing those multiplication and division facts at home daily! In science we are wrapping up our weather unit and will be moving into our next unit on light and sound. In reading we are working on reading reflection and identifying themes in stories. We are also focusing on responding to and citing text evidence. We are starting our Narrative Writing unit. Finally, in social studies we are learning about the early explorers who discovered North America and we will be moving into the Columbian Exchange, Triangular Trade, and life in the colonies. Our 4th graders are having a great year so far and we are looking forward to seeing the great things that will take place this quarter.

Fifth Grade – Greetings parents! November brings cooler weather and turkey turkey turkey. In our classrooms the conversations have turned towards long division, the end of westward expansion, human impact on our planet, and formulating writing strategies. Deposits for Washington/NYC are still being accepted and we are placing people on a waiting list in hopes of acquiring a third bus. As always if you ever need us please don’t hesitate to contact us via the office phone.

Related Arts – Music News of Note…..Choir has gotten off to a great start! We have had two rehearsals, and Ms. Blassengale is quite proud of this year’s group. If you are still interested in becoming a member, and you are a 2nd-5th grader, we have open slots until November 6 for the fall semester. Music classes are busily preparing for our annual Veterans Day assembly, which will take place Friday, November 9. Students in grades K-2 will perform at 8:30 a.m. and students in grades 3-5 will perform at 9:30 a.m. We will have a guest speaker and a special song per-formed by our very own Mr. Steigerwalt! We hope that you can join us.

Health Room – This time of year children with asthma are having more breathing problems or attacks. Asthma is a lung disease that can be life threatening. When you have asthma, take your asthma medicines as directed and remember to use maintenance medications as prescribed. If asthma symptoms don’t improve see your doctor. Symptoms may vary from intermittent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness. They may develop over time or come on suddenly. Signs may be mild or severe. Know your child’s asthma symptoms. Find out what starts (triggers) their asthma. Some common asthma triggers are smoke, animals, exercise, weather changes, strong odors, infections, and even emotions. Avoid triggers if possible. Some ways to control asthma triggers are: permit no smoking around child, remove pet from house or keep pet out of child’s room and wash pet weekly, use inhaler before exercise, wear scarf around nose and mouth when cold outside, keep windows closed when pollen counts high, avoid perfumes and cleaning solutions, treat cold and sinus infections and get flu shots, try to keep calm during stressful situations. You can help keep asthma under control by knowing the symptoms, avoiding what triggers your attack and taking prescribed medications as directed. This gives you control and there is a good chance that attacks will be less severe and you won’t have as many.