Grade Level News:

What’s Going On Around the School

Preschool – Spring is in the air, and Spring Break is right around the corner! As we get ready for our break, please remind your children to stay focused and be their best. We will continue our units of study on growing up healthy and move into nature all around. As we learn about spring and weather, we will continue to see all the changes in nature. We will plant seeds and watch them grow! And remember, some of our preschool classes will go strawberry picking and have an egg hunt. Do not forget to send a dozen candy-stuffed eggs and a basket. Keep an eye out for updates in your class newsletters.

Kindergarten – We had a wonderful walk to the fire station! We want to thank those who were able to walk with us and those who were able to come out for our Fine Arts night. It was a great success. April is full of exciting things. We will be doing a unit of study on plants, living things and having a lot of fun Easter activities and great stories about the wonderful season of Spring. Continue to read daily with your child as this helps him or her to become a better reader. This last nine weeks will be a successful one if we continue to work together to educate our children. Have a restful spring break!!

First Grade – The students are continuing to work hard in first grade. We will begin learning about plants including the parts of plants, plant needs and the different parts of plants that we eat during science. We will begin an economics unit in Social Studies too. The students have been using strategies during guided reading groups to read informational text and add to their schema. During math, the students will continue reviewing addition and subtraction strategies. We will begin working on a geometry unit and then a measurement unit. The students will measure length with nonstandard units and tell time to the hour and half hour. Bunny Pictures, a first grade fundraiser, is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2nd. You will receive two 4×6 prints for $5.

Second Grade – It’s hard to believe that we are sailing through 4th quarter with less than 45 days of school left. The second grade is busy working on our study of poetry for the quarter. We will study animals and their habitats during these last weeks of school. In math, measurement and geometry will be our next math topics as we conclude our math lessons. We will continue to work on place value and mastery of addition and subtraction facts. In our social studies unit we will study economics in our community. We look forward to a restful spring break and to come back ready to work hard to get ready for third grade!

Third Grade – April is here and third graders are leap-ing into the 4th Quarter with skills and strategies that will help them continue to grow as life-long learners. In reading, we are continuing to review all of the “Test- Taking” strategies we have learned. We will dive deep-er into the strategies that will help the students comprehend what they read and answer the questions ac-curately. The students will apply these strategies to different genres. In math, we are working in guided groups to strengthen skills. Our focus skills will be measurement including liquid volume (capacity) in customary units and in metric units to the nearest unit and telling time. In science, we will continue our unit on the life cycle of animals and plants. In social studies, we will continue our studies from the Antebellum Period to the Civil War and Reconstruction Era.

Fourth Grade – Wow! March sure flew by! Hard to be-lieve it’s April already – and we are beginning our final quarter in school! April will be quite a busy month for the fourth graders. We will be conducting Spring Map parent conferences, so be on the lookout for notes from your child’s teacher! We will also be preparing our students’ for the end of the year State testing, ( PASS and SC Ready). Our students have worked very hard this year and have made great progress towards reaching their goals. We are sooo proud of all their hard work! We still, however, have a lot of work left to do. In math, we will be finishing up our fractions unit and then journeying into a fun world of shapes with Geometry. In Science, we will continue our journey through the Solar System and then begin our unit on living things. In reading, we will be reading a poetry novel, entitled Love That Dog. We will continue studying about the characteristics of poetry in ELA. In Social Studies, we will be heading West with our Westward Expansion unit – Learning how the United States grew. Then we will be looking at how slavery changed the course of US history forever with the Civil War. April will definitely be a busy month – but Spring Break will give us a chance to Rest, Relax, and Renew before testing!

Fifth Grade – In fifth grade we are preparing for the state assessment on a daily basis. Our Washington/NYC Trip is quickly approaching. In math we are focusing on geometry and measurement. Science has us finishing matter and moving into forces and motion. In Social Studies we are discussing the United States as a superpower. Poetry and Text Dependent Analysis have us busy in ELA. Encourage your child to read daily. As always, if you ever need anything please contact us via the office number.

Related Arts – Our first annual Knight of the Arts took place Tuesday, March 26 at 6:00 p.m. Guests were able to see student artwork, work in the STEM lab, and enjoy two selections by our third grade students. Musical selections took observers wayyyyyy back in time with the selections! We hope you enjoyed them!
Rehearsals have begun for our Spring Musical, titled “At the Bandstand!” At this time all students signed up for dance and choir should have received a rehearsal schedule. If there are still interested students, they must sign up by April 1 in order to be able to participate. We are looking forward to a super Spring chock full of rehearsing and preparation for the Spring Musical!

Health Room – Spring has arrived and students are beginning to be more active. They are walking to school, riding bikes and playing outside. Safety is important at all times. Always stop and look for cars before crossing the street and never walk near the edge of the road. When riding your bike, remember to watch for traffic, wear a helmet and use your left hand to signal for turns and stops. Walk your bike when crossing the street and pay attention to crossing guards and traffic lights. When playing games outside, don’t run into the street chasing a ball or a friend. A ball can be replaced but you and a friend can not. Play in a safe place away from rocks, holes, bro-ken glass etc. Don’t play with dangerous objects like matches, knives or bottles. Let’s remember to think and practice safety at all times.