Veterans Honored in November Assemblies

On Friday, November 09, 2018 Kingsbury held two Veterans’ Day Assemblies. This annual event is to recognize and celebrate the remarkable contribution the military makes not only to our country but to the Sumter Community. The guest speaker, Master Sergeant Jamell Camper of the United States Air Force, drove this point home when he asked students to raise their hands if one of their parents wore a uniform like his. The number of students who raised their hands was phenomenal. MSGT Camper’s message was a simple one – sacrifices are made and should be appreciated. Many servicemen and women perform their duty leaving behind family members for many years missing out on birthdays and other life events that cannot be made up. They miss births, first teeth, first steps, first days of school, and many anniversaries. But the sacrifice is worth it he said, to insure freedom for our country and community. There were many veterans of each branch of the armed forces in attendance at the assemblies and they stood as the Armed Forces Salute was sung by the fourth graders. During the two assemblies, various grade levels performed songs such as “You’re a Grand Old Flag” by the Kindergarten and “Welcome Home” by fifth grade. Also, fifth grade teacher, Leroy Steigerwalt made the crowd misty-eyed with his rendition of the song, ”There She Stands.” Mr. Jackson’s closing remarks reminded students, staff, and guests that our country does enjoy many freedoms not found in any other country in the world and these freedoms are not to be ever taken for granted.

 Jump Rope For Heart Supports American Heart Association

The day before Thanksgiving students at Kingsbury may have eaten many goodies throughout their day but they burned them all off when they attended related arts! During their related arts time, students participated in Jump Rope for Heart which raises awareness of heart disease, the largest killer of Americans. Established in 1983, Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraising program run in schools that encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease. Here are some scenes from this fun event!


 Fall Carnival Huge Hit

On November 2 Kingsbury’s halls were flooded with students, not rain despite a torrential downpour outside. We held our annual Fall Carnival on this afternoon but this did not dissuade students and parents from joining the PTA and teachers for hours of fun. Students left with bags of goodies won at a variety of games that we held throughout the building. PTA President Stacey Sperber said a little rain could not stop the carnival. “The show must go on! We will miss not having the wagon ride and the fire truck this year, but will have fun!” And fun we did have! More than 400 students and parents enjoyed an evening of fun and fellowship at the annual event!

Grade Level News:

What’s Going On Around the School

Preschool – December—The year 2018 is coming to an end, and Preschool is doing it in style. We are wearing our pajamas and enjoying a viewing of The Polar Express. Some classes are making donuts and others will be decorating cookies and drinking hot cocoa. Mrs. Coker’s class will exchange gifts and have a breakfast. What fun! There will be so much learning during December. So parents, we will need help keeping a routine to encourage awesome behavior. We are all excited about our learning in Preschool!

January- Welcome 2019! How exciting! It is a new year, and Preschool is ready to go. As we finish Our Community study, we will also learn about clothes and how wearing clothes is based on seasons, weather and where we live. Great opportunity for practicing buttons, snaps, and zippers, too! Remember to talk to your children when dressing in the morning. Always dress appropriately for the temperature & don’t forget to write your child’s name in ALL the jackets. We will begin the Awesome Animals study next!

Kindergarten – It is so hard to believe that December is here already! We want to thank you all for your support that you gave for our Thanksgiving feasts. They were all a great success. Please continue to read nightly with your child practicing the early literacy skills of pointing left to right, looking at the first letter to sound out words, relying on their picture clues to figure out unfamiliar words, and answering questions about the stories you read to them to help with comprehension. Our high frequency word lists are growing so encourage your child to practice writing simple sentences with these words. We will be doing a unit on Gingerbread men and reading a variety of Christmas Stories! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as 2018 is quickly coming to a close!

First Grade – The first grade will hold it’s annual Santa picture fundraiser during December. Please look for a flyer coming home and send in $5 to have your picture taken with Santa. The students are working on a sun and moon unit in science. We have been discussing the phases of the moon in class. We also completed a unit in social studies on American Government and the election process. During literacy groups, the students have been learning strategies to use when they come to an unknown word. Please continue to read with your child daily and record this time spent on their reading log. We are working very hard to help the students become fluent independent readers. In math, the students are working on adding and subtracting numbers 1 -10 fluently. They are applying strategies to add and subtract numbers 1-20 and relating addition and subtraction number sentences. During math time, students identify the unknown addend, if given number sentences are true or false, and use strategies to add 3 numbers. We are also working to solve both addition and subtraction word problems. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction daily at home. Please continue to check your child’s folder each day and look for notes and/or important dates on the monthly calendar. Thanks for all you do and your support at home! The First Grade Team.

Second Grade – The holidays are here and we are enjoying every moment of it! We have completed our unit on place value and are working on addition and subtraction in math. Please encourage your children to read daily to increase their fluency and comprehension. Don’t forget to have them talk to you about what they read. If your child does not already have a public library card, please take advantage of the extra family time over the holidays to get one and pick-out a few books they are interested in. It is okay to read just for fun.
As always, please check your child’s folder daily for important notes and memos and remind them to be responsible for passing your notes, money, etc. on as soon as they get to school. As the year continues, we will increase their responsibility for this and check their folder less frequently. Our weather is changing so often, we are not able to regulate the classroom temperature to match everyone’s comfort level. Please make sure your child has a jacket or sweater for class and are prepared for outside weather with coats, hats, gloves, etc. as needed. Third quarter will begin with a study of money, Black History, story structure and writing, writing, writing. Writing is being integrated into all subject areas with the emphasis on paragraph development. In math, students are to review their addition and subtraction facts daily and initial it. In science, we start a study of matter. Make sure that your child is prepared each day to succeed and do his/her very best!

Third Grade – Twas the break before the holidays, and all through the school
Third graders were learning about the Olweus Bullying Rules;
They learned different strategies and tools to use, just in case bullying occurs in our school;
Biographies, informational text, poetry, conjunctions, prepositions, multiplication, division, landforms, explorers, government and more are being taught in the Second Quarter so student achievement will soar;
Reading over the holidays is one key to success, it will help our students to grow and maintain progress;
We would like to thank our parents for for their continued support and Happy Holidays from the Knights of Round Table (teachers of the Third Grade) Court.

Fourth Grade – Fourth Grade is decking the halls and ringing in the new year at school. In math, we are con-tinuing to reinforce multiplication and division as we move into a short unit on patterns and sequence. In January, we will be beginning our long division unit. Parents, please continue to work with your students on their multiplication and division facts. In science we are working on our Light & Sound unit throughout December and January. In read-ing, we will be working on our Ever Living Tree unit, which focuses on sequencing and time lines. In writing, we will are writing informational opinion pieces where students are asked to state an opinion and de-fend it using evidence. Lastly, in social studies, we are wrapping up our learning about European settlers in North America and beginning to study the thirteen colonies. Parents, we appreciate your continued support of learning at home! Your help and hard work makes a huge difference!

Fifth Grade – Greetings parents, in fifth grade we are looking forward to Christmas. In math, we are solving problems involving decimals and learning order of operations. In social studies, we are in our Becoming a World Power unit where we will learn about the Industrial Revolution, the Spanish-American War, and World War I. In science, we will begin learning about land forms found in the ocean. In ELA, we are continuing to work on the writing process, stretching out our independent reading times, and working towards being a life-long reader. As always, if you need to contact us, feel free to do so via the office phone.

Related Arts – Music News of Note… What’s new in music? K-2nd grades are rehearsing for the PTA Meeting/Christmas Concert, which takes place Monday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. The Kingsbury Elementary Harp Ensemble will have their first public performance at that time, also. The choir and Kingsbury Court Players will have their first performances.
In future lessons, all classes will be focusing on beat, rhythm, and composition. Frohe Weihnachten und ein glücklich-es Neues Jahr!

Health Room – GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE! What can you do to prevent the flu, colds and other illnesses? Simple preventive measures such as washing your hands, covering your cough, staying home when sick and getting vaccinated against the flu go a long way in protecting people from illnesses. Be on the lookout for the “Wash Hands” video that will be shown in your class. You will learn the ABC Wash Your Hands song. Remember when washing your hands use soap and warm running water. Wash back and fronts of your hands, wrist, between fingers and under fingernails. Then rinse well. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel, a cloth towel or under a hot air blower. You can also use a towel to turn off the water instead of your hands. At Kingsbury we want to reduce the spread of illness and prevent the flu by washing away GERMS!!