Preschool – Spring is in the air! As we come back from our spring break, please remind your children to stay focused and do their best. We will be learning about spring and weather, and continue to see all the changes of nature. We will plant seeds and watch them grow! And remember, preschool will go on a Strawberry Pickin’ field trip to Willard Farm. There is so much to do before the end of the year. And we love seeing the student’s growth. Let’s keep it up. And remember, we will again be available for Kingsbury conference nights in April. Please keep a look out in your child’s folder for additional information.

Kindergarten – Welcome spring! April is a busy month for kindergarten. Our last parent conference nights will be held on April 10th and April 17th. Notes will be sent home with your child regarding conference times. This will be a good time to discuss your child’s report card, progress, and other things your child may need to continue to work on.

We are in the last quarter of school but we still have a lot to learn. At this time, kindergartners are reading leveled texts, writing simple sentences, and learning our popcorn words. Please continue to read daily with your child and review the popcorn words. After your child reads to you, have them find some popcorn words in their book. Also, ask questions about the story. In math, we have been working on simple addition, subtraction, counting to 100 and recognizing numbers from 1-30. Thanks to all parents for helping with homework nightly. We hope that everyone has a fun and relaxing Spring Break!

First Grade – The students in first grade will begin learning about plants during the month of April. They will learn the parts of plants, plant needs and the different parts of plants that we eat. We will also grow different types of plants in our classrooms. The students will observe plants and keep a plant journal about their growth. The students will begin an economics unit in social studies as they learn about goods and services; they will identify needs and wants too. Students will also learn about different cultures. In math, students will continue working on a unit on geometry and then begin a unit on measurement. Students will identify and sort shapes based on attributes, make composite shapes and partition shapes to show halves and fourths. During the measurement unit students will measure length with various nonstandard units.

Students will tell time to the hour and half hour. We will also continue practicing addition and subtraction strategies and base ten skills during guided math groups. Keep working on addition and subtraction strategies at home too. The students need to be able to add and subtract numbers zero to ten fluently. Please continue to review the weekly spelling pattern and have your child apply the pattern to make new words. Also, read and discuss the reading story each week and make sure your child is able to read the vocabulary words. During writer’s workshop this year, the students have been writing informative, narrative and opinion pieces. We are so proud of the progress the students have been making in reading and writing! Keep up the great work! We hope everyone have a wonderful Spring Break!

Second Grade – It’s hard to believe that we are sailing through 4th quarter with less than 45 days of school left. The second grade is busy working on our study of poetry for the quarter. We will study animals and their habitats during these last weeks of school. In math, measurement and geometry will be our next math topics as we conclude our math lessons. We will continue to work on place value and mastery of addition and subtraction facts. In our social studies unit we will study economics in our community. We look forward to a restful spring break and to come back ready to work hard to get ready for third grade!

Third Grade – It’s hard to believe that April is here and we are already in the fourth quarter. The saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is true. As third graders are showered with knowledge, they are blossoming into inspiring fourth graders. Third Graders had a ball in March learning how to shag with our artist in residence from Miss Libby’s School of Dance. In reading, we are reviewing informational and literary text while reinforcing Guided Reading skills and strategies. In math, we are learning about measurement and data analysis while reviewing skills in centers and in Guided Math small groups. In science, we are exploring habitats. In social studies, we are traveling in time from the Antebellum Period to the Civil War. We would like to thank our parents for their continued support. Parent/Teacher partnership is important for student growth and success. We hope you have a safe, wonderful, and restful Spring Break.

Fourth Grade – April is proving to be a busy month for 4th grade! In math we are continuing our learning in measurement and geometry. In reading we will study poetry and figurative language using the book Love That Dog. Additionally we are practicing responding to text by using the RACE model. RACE stands for: Restate the Question, Answer the Question, Cite Text Evidence, and Explain. Please encourage your student to practice this style of writing on their weekly reading logs!

In science we are beginning our study of the Structure and Needs of Living Things. In this unit we will study classification of plants and animals, plant and animal life cycles, and animal adaptations.

In social studies, we completed our study of the government and are beginning our study of Westward Expansion and the causes of the Civil War. We are also looking forward to a great field trip to Camp Leopold at the end of the month. Please make sure your student brings in his or her permission slip and money as soon as possible. This is going to be a fun and interactive field trip so we want to be ensure that every student is able to participate.

Fifth Grade – In fifth grade we are preparing for the state assessment on a daily basis. In math we are focusing on geometry and measurement. Science has us finishing matter and moving into forces and motion. In Social Studies we are discussing the United States as a superpower. Poetry and Text Dependent Analysis have us busy in ELA. Encourage your child to read daily. As always, if you ever need anything please contact us via the office number.