It is the mission of the school library/media program to provide the information resources, training, and services that students need to achieve academic success. The school library media program will provide students with the resources and instruction needed to develop the skills necessary to become effective and ethical users of information. We will provide to students and teachers a collection of resources and services that will lead to a curriculum integrated with information literacy skills and that will provide students with a powerful set of tools enabling them to become life-long learners.

Library Policies and Information
Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes* The Media Center is open daily from 7:15am – 2:15 pm.
* It operates on a fixed schedule of visitation.
* Each class in grades K-5 visits the library once a week.
* Students in grades 2-5 are permitted to have out a total of two books at a time.
* Students in grade 1 are permitted to have out one book at a time.
* All books are collected twice annually – before the Christmas holiday and at the end of the school year.
* Overdue/lost book notices are sent home each Monday.
* Lost and/or damaged books will incur fines equal to their replacement costs.

NOTE: StoryLineOnline can be accessed from home to read popular books! Story Line

How to read eBooks from home:

Instructional Videos
How to Log Onto Chromebook with QR Code

Google Tutorials for Parents/Students


Discus – South Carolina’s Virtual Library is the “information place” for all South Carolinians. Discus, which stands for Digital Information for South Carolina Users, provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7.

Meet Your Librarian

I (Mrs. Davis) have been at Kingsbury for the last 16 years, and this is my second year in the Media Center. I have taught for 24 years and I LOVE TO READ! I have been around the world and galaxy in a book! I hope to share my love of reading with each student in the Kingdom! Welcome to Kingsbury, Mrs. Davis, Media Specialist